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The Anhoek School is an educational experiment. It investigates alternatives to traditional American education at a moment in time when many experimental schools have closed (Black Mountain School and Antioch College) or ceased to develop inventive and/or radical methodologies.

In short, The Anhoek School is an experimental all-women's graduate school located in Brooklyn, New York. The curriculum is based on cultural production (political, aesthetic, and theoretical). Classes are small (5 to 7 people). Tuition costs are mediated by a barter system; that is students labor for the school in exchange for classes.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anhoek-Marfa '09: When the Object is a Cannibal

Another excerpt from the daily course readings:
"I am only interested in what’s not mine. The law of men. The law of the cannibal."

I will become a bit more streamlined here, as we are coming very close to the time of departure and I feel that much remains to be done to prepare.

Please know that we are being extremely flexible in our notions of Cannibal. Primarily, this class will be focusing on the devouring nature of colonialism and/or the aggressor and the objects it takes down with it. It will rise out of this position, to also figure in on the devoured's appetite reconstructed and active.

The Manifesto Antropofago (1928)

A Politics of Tears: The Museum of Useless Efforts, Marfa, TX
Mary Walling Blackburn


Cannibal Girls Trailer (1973)
The Prelude The Gardenpath by Tracey Rose (2003)



LISTENING: Please listen to the animal grunts on the audio track of Michelle Larcher de Brito playing tennis

Photograph by Julia Sherman
Painting on display at the US Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, Texas