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The Anhoek School is an educational experiment. It investigates alternatives to traditional American education at a moment in time when many experimental schools have closed (Black Mountain School and Antioch College) or ceased to develop inventive and/or radical methodologies.

In short, The Anhoek School is an experimental all-women's graduate school located in Brooklyn, New York. The curriculum is based on cultural production (political, aesthetic, and theoretical). Classes are small (5 to 7 people). Tuition costs are mediated by a barter system; that is students labor for the school in exchange for classes.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anhoek-Marfa '09: Assigned Reading for the Chinati Fiedltrip

(An excerpt from the syllabus: the reading prompt for this field trip)

The below selections should encourage you to consider how the works at the Chinati Foundation continue to both survive and be extended into contemporary practice. The Hannah Wilke film and the Ana Mendieta works are intended to point towards the practices that existed next to Oldenberg and Andre at a certain moment. What happens when Mendieta and Wilke become part of the conversation about American Minimalism in the 1970's? What if we imagine them at Chinati? ( ed-What is we imagine Dia funding Nancy Holt to buy the ruins of a catskill resort, dedicated to her best pal artists, who just happen to be the best artists making Land Art at the time. Almost all of them are women. Her husband is included.)

READING: Everyday Life and the Culture of the Thing (Toward the Formulation of the Question)

Author(s): Boris Arvatov and Christina Kiaer
Source: October, Vol. 81 (Summer, 1997)

SEE (don't read):

Wilke's Rosebud (1976) (a beautiful example of minimalism and feminism dovetailing)

Singh, Freeman, and Lowe initially constructed Hello Meth Lab in the Sun (2007) for Ballroom Marfa.Think about it in relationship to the Ilya Kabakov's School No. 6 (1993) at Chinati


Ana Mendieta's graceful slide and the blood remain. Trauma is reduced to a brief gesture.
Mendieta was the wife of Carl Andre, whose work poems 1958-1972 is on display


glance at the Puerto Rican Light (for Dan Flavin) again.

Allora and Calzadilla's 'tribute' to Flavin consists of a fluorescent tube powered by a generator that was charged in Puerto Rico and transported to New York City. When the generator runs out of juice the tube goes dark and stays dark. Puerto Rico, as an unincorporated territory of the United States it is subject to US jurisdiction and sovereignty but its citizens are not protected by the US constitution. They are at the whim of the US in regards to the allocation of resources and suffrage. For Dan.

Photograph by Julia Sherman